Fierce 10 Trading Mindset Transformation Challenge

Do you know the KEYS that unlock
Your Trading Success?

"There are fundamental principles and rules , that if you learn, practice and master them, will significantly improve your odds of creating a sustainable trading business and long lasting financial success."

I work with some of the highest performing traders in the industry. One thing I’ve found that sets high performers apart is discipline, habit building, focus on individual goals and benchmark targets around trading performance, process and routine; that gives them the ability to consistently monetize trading opportunities.

"If trading ... is a source of anxiety, fear, frustration, depression or anger, something is wrong... You have to enjoy trading, because if trading is a source of negative emotions, you have probably already lost the game.."
Jack Schwager - The New Market Wizards

I’ve learnt that being held accountable to these areas is the key to success and I’ve created the FIERCE10 Trading Mindset Challenge – a 10 module transformational program designed to increase profitability through trader mindset development, emotional intelligence and self-mastery.”

 Mandi  (MPX Trader)

Think about it: Would you ever consider buying a Ferrari without wheels? 

Well, that is almost every trader does who starts out learning the technical skills of trading without understanding how to successfully navigate the pitfalls of the trading mindset.

I have developed a training program that I wish I had when I started out on my journey to becoming a professional trader.

Join me for this unique training program, where I share with you my own skill sets, tips, tricks and insights into how to develop the winning trading mindset required to flawlessly execute these skills .

You will
· discover the path to consistent trading.
· learn practical skill and tricks to manage your fear, greed, anxiety, regrets, and stress to stop sabotaging yourself.
· develop the mental toughness to powerfully deal with pain of having had a losing day or even a losing streak.

I will share with you
· Case Studies and Trading Examples from working with extraordinary traders and their inspiring stories of how they overcame their challenges and succeeded.

· Q&A: you can ask questions about how to deal with difficulties that you may have encountered.

Train Your Mind - Manage Your Emotions - Enhance Your Decision Making Skills=> Maximize Your Profits

This Program Is For You, If.. 

    • You want to be a Full Time Trader.
    • You want to stop self-sabotaging your trading results.
    • You are inconsistent with your day to day trading behaviour.
    • You are feeling frustrated because you keep giving back your profits.
    • You feel uncertain how to achieve your trading goals.
    • You are feeling stuck in a rut right now.
    • You feel you are holding yourself back, procrastinate, and keep sabotaging your trading results.
    • You know your trading business deserves a stronger mindset but you’re not sure how to achieve one.
    • You want to be a patient and disciplined trader.

Program Schedule

This is an intensive hands-on training with a clearly laid out road map. You will learn the steps necessary to become a successful full-time trader. 

The accountability and support through this 10 module program took my trading to a whole new level. The biggest change I noticed was the awareness of what I wasn't doing and the positive mindset shift that came from the mentoring. I have become a much better trader because of this!

(New York Prop Trader)

Trading Mindset - Personal Development Training for Traders:

Module 1: Setting Yourself Up For Trading Success

  • Design Your Journey To Full Time Trading
  • The four Categories of a Robust Trading Business
  • The Wheel of Trading Success

Module 2: Breaking the Patterns of Self-Sabotage

  • How the Ego works : Overcoming impulsive trading behaviour
  • The 4 Levels of Blockages - How to identify and clear blockages
  • Decoding Your Limits: How to create habits for success

Module 3: Managing the Pitfalls of Trading with powerful Self-Coaching Techniques

  • The difference between profitable and losing traders
  • Success Principles for Traders
  • How to Journal - the right way

Module 4:  Find Your Inner Magic - Emotional Intelligence for Traders

  • Emotional Guidance System
  • Emotional Mastery
  • Moving on from Losing Streaks

Module 5: The Empowerment Code

  • Your Relationship with Failure
  • The Power of Mindfulness
  • Critical Performance Factors: The Three Steps to Discipline and Patience

Module 6:   Mind Matters 

  • Discipline, Self-Talk and Emotions
  • The 4 Levels of Thinking
  • How to deal with Fear

Module 7:  The 5 Keys to Trading Success

  • Overcoming Challenges - Building Resilience, managing Stress
  • Qualities of a Successful Trader: Staying calm in the heat of the moment
  • Success Principles to Bringing the Successful Trader out from within you

Module 8:   Personal Power

  • Managing Superhero Syndrome
  • Handle Losses Like A Winner
  • Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

Module 9:   Accelerate Your Trading Performance

  • Discover your Money Identity & Beliefs
  • How to improve your Relationship with Money
  • How to increase your profits by 30% in the 2nd half of 2018

Module 10:  Living the Dream: Designing your Road Map to Full Time Trading:

  • Where to from here?
  • Planning for a Successful Life of Full Time Trading

Let's Do This

This program goes deeper than any trading mindset training you have ever attended. Your Fierce 10 Gold Program is ideal for the trader who is ready to dive into a deep journey of Self Discovery. Throughout this journey, you will discover why you are wired the way you are, and how to stop your self-sabotaging behaviors that are keeping you stuck and holding you back from propelling forward into becoming the successful trader, you deep down know you are. Get ready to step into your power and start becoming the trader you deserve to be!

You will receive:

• Lifetime Access to the Fierce10 High Performance Mindset Videos
• Self-Paced Workbook as a systematic guide to work through modules with access to easy templates

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I get it. It can be scary to challenge the ways you've always done things you've done, reacted to stuff and lived your life. I trust this will provide you more clarity of whether or not this is for you:

Here’s my question for you...

Are you ready to truly embrace your Trading Success? Are you ready to make this shift, knowing you are worthy, and you are good enough? Are you ready to say yes to your dreams?


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Your Trainer is: Mandi Pour Rafsendjani

I am trained and accredited as a fully qualified life coach and NLP Master Trainer. Yet, I believe that nothing and no one can be as great a teacher as life itself. Those who have made it would agree that the journey to becoming a professional trader is more of a marathon run through mountainous terrain than a sprint to the heights of success. My experience in working with countless traders highlighted to me that sometimes all the trading knowledge in the world is still not enough to create profits. With the wisdom of hindsight I can now see that to a large extend learning what it takes to become successful also means learning how to navigate through the pitfalls created by own attitudes and behaviors.

Terms and Conditions

You are responsible for your own growth. This training works if you work it.
Course fee is non refundable, however it can be used towards the payment for a private coaching.
All materials provided for the course are the copyright and sole property of Mandi Pour Rafsendjani. They may not be reproduced or distributed without permission.

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“I work with some of the highest performing traders in the industry. One thing I’ve found that sets high performers apart is discipline, habit building, focus and clarity on individual goals and targets around trading performance and the ability to consistently monetize trading opportunities. I’ve learnt that being held accountable to these areas is the …