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Why Knowledge Does Not Equal Power In Trading

Dec 25, 2023

We have all heard the saying "Knowledge is Power". This phrase is originally attributed to the philosopher Francis Bacon from his Meditationes Sacrae (1597) and Thomas Jefferson (Principle Author of the Declaration of Independence (1776), Founding Father and 3rd President of the United States) has gone even further saying that knowledge also provides safety and happiness.  

That might be true for many areas of life, but not so in trading! If it were true, every trader would make millions of dollars in profits. Because everyone knows what to do but only a selected few have cultivated the mindset required to do what they know.

"Knowing what to do is knowledge. Doing what you know, that is skill!" (Mandi Rafsendjani)

The skillset we are talking about is of course .. you knew that .. it's discipline! Only if you have the skill to be disciplined will you be able to apply your knowledge and make it as a profitable trader. Until you have developed discipline, knowledge is only potential power (the term potential power was coined by my good friend Andrew Swanscott from Better System Trader).

The good news is: Discipline is not some magic potion. Discipline is learned behaviour! Anyone can learn how to be disciplined if they are not already!

And if you are not disciplined, then the skill you have learned is how to not-be-disciplined. And no knowledge in the world is going to make up for that gap. That's why Knowledge does not equal Skill!

Market Wizard Linda Raschke once said in an interview "You don't have to be a rocket scientist to be a trader. In fact, some of the best traders whom I knew down on the floor were surf bums!"

So you can see, the only power that truly provides safety and happiness in trading (to say it in Thomas Jefferson's words) is the skill of DISCIPLINE!

This means if you spend more time on training your discipline muscles and less time on hoarding more and more knowledge, you have a true chance at achieving most of your dreams and goals in life!

So, if you are ready to improve your discipline, my one-on-one High Performance Trader Coaching Program can help you to fast track this journey for you!

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