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Why Your Money Story Could Hold The Key To Your Trading Success

Feb 14, 2023
Why Your Money Story Could Hold The Key To Your Trading Success

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Titled: Why Your Money Story Could Hold the Key to Your Trading Success


I'm presenting this webinar because many traders find themselves on the trading hamster wheel. Making profits consistently just to lose them all in a few trades.

You know that feeling, you just can’t get off the hamster wheel and it is exhausting.

An old mentor of mine used to say to me, ‘Mandi, wealth can’t speak, but it’s always listening’.

What he meant is, that we are not attracting to us what we want, we are attracting to us who we think we are’. We are attracting what it is we believe we deserve.

Why is that so?

Because what we believe we deserve determines what we attend to and how we attend to it, and that determines which actions we take, and the actions determine the outcomes we create, in a cause-and-effect scenario.

And If you are not experiencing trading success to the level you know you are capable of as yet, you simply haven’t solved the missing piece of puzzle within you.

In this replay webinar we will talk about your relationship with money and the power of your money story and we'll look at the Principles and Practice of changing that story.

This is from the field of emotional economics, the study of the interaction of the mind on money behaviours and financial decisions.

The principles of emotional economics are fundamental to all change, growth and success

My mission, to change the way you think, specifically to help you examine and understand your relationship with money, and map new possibilities and choices to write a new money story so that you can generate and keep more profits and get off the hamster wheel for good!

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Mandi Rafsendjani

Your Performance & Mindset Coach, High Performance Trading


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