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It is the Number 1 Fundamental that we see world wide across every single industry: The Top Performers in ANY Industry wouldn't get where they are if they didn't have a coach to teach, guide and push them harder than they are pushing themselves.

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About me: My name is Mandi Pour Rafsendjani, the owner of High Performance Trading here in Australia.

I am trained and accredited as a fully qualified life coach and NLP Master Trainer. Yet, I believe that nothing and no one can be as great a teacher as life itself. Those who have made it would agree that the journey to becoming a professional trader is more of a marathon run through mountainous terrain than a sprint to the heights of success.


My experience in working with countless traders over the past decade, from novice trader to bank traders, prop traders and hedge fund traders, highlighted to me that sometimes all the trading knowledge in the world is still not enough to create profits.

With the wisdom of hindsight I can now see that to a large extend learning what it takes to become successful also means learning how to navigate through the pitfalls created by own attitudes and behaviors. I have been on many interviewed and featured (as banner below) all across the globe, helping traders overcome the pitfalls of their trading mindset and improve their trading performance.