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“I work with some of the highest performing traders in the industry. One thing I’ve found that sets high performers apart is discipline, habit building, focus and clarity on individual goals and targets around trading performance and the ability to consistently monetize trading opportunities.

I’ve learnt that being held accountable to these areas is the key to success and I’ve created the FIERCE10 Challenge – a 10 week transformational trading mindset series designed to increase profitability through trader mindset development, emotional intelligence and self-mastery.”

Mandi  (MPX Trader)

Next cycle commences
Saturday 5th May 2018

  Train Your Mind - Manage Your Emotions - Enhance Your Decision Making Skills - Maximize Your Profits

In a recent Forbes interview, Warren Buffet famously said, "The very best investment you will ever make is one you can't beat, can't be taxed and not even inflation can take away from you. Ultimately there is one investment that supersedes all others: 'Invest in yourself'. Nobody can take away what you've got in yourself, and everybody has potential they haven't used yet."


Welcome to the Fierce 10 Week Challenge

For any trader, any asset class, any level who are ready to draw that line in the sand, break through their own imposed glass ceiling and future proof their trading success.

Next cycle commences
Saturday 1st September 2018


This program is for you if…

    • You want to break through your own glass ceiling.
    • You are inconsistent with your day to day trading behaviour.
    • You are feeling frustrated because you keep giving back your profits.
    • You feel uncertain how to achieve your trading goals.
    • You are feeling stuck in a rut right now.
    • You feel you are holding yourself back, procrastinate, and keep sabotaging your trading results.
    • You know your trading business deserves a stronger mindset but you’re not sure how to achieve one.

Program Schedule

The accountability and support through this 10 week program took my trading to a whole new level. The biggest change I noticed was the awareness of what I wasn't doing and the positive mindset shift that came from the mentoring. I have become a much better trader because of this!

(New York Prop Trader)

Trading Mindset:

  • The big question of Trading Mindset -what is it and why is it so important?
  • The fundamental differences between successful and failing traders
  • Expectations and Standards of this Training

The kick off and the completion webinar (open for all Gold, Platinum and Diamond traders) will be held on a Sunday.

The Group Webinars will be held every fortnight on a Saturday. 2 different times will be offered to cover Australia, Europe and US traders.

Video Modules will be released every Saturday Australian EST.

Program commitment

Kick Off Webinar Saturday 5 May 2018 (for all levels)

Module 1: May 2018

Week 1: 5 May 2018 -Setting Yourself Up For Trading Success

  • Design Your Journey To Full Time Trading
  • The four Categories of a Robust Trading Business
  • The Wheel of Trading Success

Week 2: 12 May 2018Breaking the Patterns of Self-Sabotage

  • How the Ego works : Overcoming impulsive trading behaviour
  • The 4 Levels of Blockages - How to identify and clear blockages
  • Decoding Your Limits: How to create habits for success

Group Mentoring No 1: Saturday 12 May 2018

Week 3: 19 May 2018 - Managing the Pitfalls of Trading with powerful Self-Coaching Techniques

  • The difference between profitable and losing traders
  • The 10 Success Principles for Traders
  • How to Journal - the right way

Week 4:  26 May 2018Find Your Inner Magic - Emotional Intelligence for Traders

  • Emotional Guidance System
  • Emotional Mastery
  • Moving on from Losing Streaks

Group Mentoring No 2: Saturday 26th May 2018

Module 2: June 2018

Week 5: 02 June 2018 The Empowerment Code

  • Your Relationship with Failure
  • The Power of Mindfulness
  • Critical Performance Factors: The Three Steps to Discipline and Patience

Week 6:  10 June 2018Mind Matters 

  • Discipline, Self-Talk and Emotions
  • The 4 Levels of Thinking
  • How to deal with Fear

Group Mentoring No 3: Saturday 9th June 2018

Week 7: 17 June 2018 - The 5 Keys to Trading Success

  • Overcoming Challenges - Building Resilience, managing Stress
  • Qualities of a Successful Trader: Staying calm in the heat of the moment
  • Success Principles to Bringing the Successful Trader out from within you

Week 8:  24 June 2018 - Personal Power

  • Managing Superhero Syndrome
  • Handle Losses Like A Winner
  • Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

Group Mentoring No 4: Saturday 24th June 2018

Module 3: July 2018

Week 9:  01 July 2018 - Accelerate Your Trading Performance

  • Discover your Money Identity & Beliefs
  • How to improve your Relationship with Money
  • How to increase your profits by 30% in the 2nd half of 2018

Week 10:  07 July 2018 - Living the Dream: Designing your Road Map to Full Time Trading:

  • Where to from here?
  • Planning for a Successful Life of Full Time Trading

Final Group Mentoring Webinar Sunday 08 July 2018 (all levels)

 You can choose between 3 involvement levels:
Gold, Platinum or Diamond

  • Program 1 -  Mastermind Diamond: - By Application Only
    (5 spots available)

    With exclusive 1:1 Coaching added to the transformational training, the Diamond package is the Pinnacle of the Fierce10. Working closely with myself (Mandi), you can make an even bigger shift in your trading mindset, and gain the clarity and certainty you’re seeking to be in control of your trading behavior, become the master of your own mind. Get out of your own way, go after the profits you know you are truly capable of and fall back in love with your trading.

You will receive:

Lifetime access to the High Performance Trading Mindset Video Modules packed with content that you guaranteed have never heard anywhere else; filled with insights, tools and techniques you will use for self-coaching in the years to come; plus:

• Exclusive Access to four fortnightly Skype Group Mentoring (scheduled to cater for Australian, European and US time zones)
• Invite to two Webinars to kick off and complete the training
• Invite to Fierce10 Facebook Community
• Workbook as a systematic guide to work through modules with access to easy templates
•  Bonus training videos
Bonus high profile guest trainers
Bonus: market reports from an ex Goldman Sachs Trader Tony Sycamore from
+ Email Coaching Support
+ Exclusive 1:1 transformational Coaching Sessions (2 x per month  - total of 6 valued at $3,300)
Trader Dynamics - Exclusive Fully Comprehensive Behavioural Profiling Assessment (valued $2,997)

Join us here

$5,000 via express
$5,597 via installments ($1,866 per month)

By invitation only. Please contact me for your assessment here

  • Platinum Program (LIMITED TO 20 TRADERS):

    Not only will you get access to the incredible content within the Fierce10 Program, receive an invitation to join the Fierce10 Facebook Community, but you will also have exclusive access to fortnightly Group Coaching, where we will dive in deep and explore how to overcome your challenges, so that you can take your trading journey to the next level.

You will receive:

Lifetime Access to the Fierce10 High Performance Mindset Videos
• Invite to the Fierce10 Facebook Community
• Workbook as a systematic guide to work through modules with access to easy templates
Bonus: Invite to two Webinars to kick off and complete the training
Bonus high profile guest trainers
Bonus: market reports from an ex Goldman Sachs Trader Tony Sycamore from
 Exclusive Access to four Fortnightly Group Mentoring Skype sessions
+ Psychometric Assessment, to identify which weaknesses you need to overcome; which markets and style of trading you are most naturally suited to, and more

Reserve your spot via Paypal below ⇓

$ 997  express
$ 1,297 via installments ($433 per month)

  • Gold Program:

    This program goes deeper than any trading mindset training you have ever attended. Your Fierce 10 Gold Program is ideal for the trader who is ready to dive into a deep journey of Self Discovery. Throughout this journey, you will discover why you are wired the way you are, and how to stop your self-sabotaging behaviors that are keeping you stuck and holding you back from propelling forward into becoming the successful trader, you deep down know you are. Get ready to step into your power and start becoming the trader you deserve to be!

You will receive:

• Lifetime Access to the Fierce10 High Performance Mindset Videos
• Self-Paced Workbook as a systematic guide to work through modules with access to easy templates
•  Invite to 3 months "Fierce10" Facebook Group Support
Bonus: high profile guest trainers
Bonus: market reports from an ex Goldman Sachs Trader Tony Sycamore from
Early Bird Bonus: Invite to two Webinars to kick off and complete the training

Reserve your spot via Paypal below ⇓

USD 297

    • Optional and additional one-on-one support coaching
      sessions to further boost your performance


I get it. It can be scary to challenge the ways you've always done things you've done, reacted to stuff and lived your life. I trust this will provide you more clarity of whether or not this is for you:

Here’s my question for you...

Are you ready to truly embrace your Trading Success? Are you ready to make this shift, knowing you are worthy, and you are good enough? Are you ready to say yes to your dreams?

Gold    USD 297

Platinum    USD 997

Mastermind Diamond  (5 spots only)     $5,000

This is by invitation only, please contact me here to book a time for a skype conversation to make sure that this program is the right level for you.

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Payment Plans available upon request

Terms and Conditions

Course fee is non refundable, however it is transferable to another trader, another course or used towards private coaching.
All materials provided for the course are the copyright and sole property of Mandi Pour Rafsendjani. They may not be reproduced or distributed without permission.