My 2020 New Years Present to you..

Don’t Just Set Goals! Achieve Them! Here is how:

The first time I wrote down my goals was in 2002 after a Tony Robbins event ‘Unleash The Power Within’ in Sydney. I felt so excited, I was convinced that my life will change now that I set goals. After all we had all heard about the statistics of the university students who wrote down their goals compared to the ones who didn’t write down their goals.

“I can totally do this!” I thought.

I was so convinced and confident, failure was not even on my radar!

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But guess what! Every year for the next 5 years, I kept failing at achieving my goals. And then one year, I was so disheartened, I decided I won’t set goals ever again, because not only would I not achieve them, I seemed to create the opposite! If I wrote down I want to make $1,000 profits, I would lose $1,000 and I got so disillusioned that I swore to never set goals again to avoid further disappointment..

Until 1 day.. it dawned on me–  our current results are a reflection of where we are at in life.  It is not enough to write down our ‘S-M-A-R-T’ goals and believe if we read them every morning we will magically achieve them.

Goal Setting it turns out, is a skill and a science.

There’s a difference between having a desire, and a step-by-step plan to achieve your goals.

It is our thinking about what is possible. There are no limits to your imagination. Having dreams that are off in the distance is terrific and makes us feel great. But after a while, if we don’t take strategic action, we actually start eroding our self-esteem and that will impact our trading performance.

It is our thinking about Goals, our thinking about how we want to kick those goals in the New Year.

Our success in 2020 depends on how we plan to achieve those goals.

Introducing the High Performance Planner to win the day and accelerate long-term trading success.

Please download your High Performance Trader 2020 Performance Improvement Plan here:

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GOALS 2020 – High Performance Trader Performance Improvement Planner


This game-changing planner is based on my study of high performers and how they increase productivity, set goals, prioritize, and create the positive mindset and habits needed to win the day.

That combined with your performance assessments, habits scorecards, daily scheduler, and  for personal growth, this planner will change your trading game.

When you start to every day

1️⃣ Prime your Mind for Positivity, Focus and Confidence
2️⃣ Prioritize your Actionsteps
3️⃣ Rate your Performance
4️⃣ Strategically Schedule and review the day
5️⃣ Capture New Ideas, lessons learned, and moments of gratitude
6️⃣ Identify Growth Areas that matter most to achieving long-term success

You will feel upbeat, gain clarity and know that you are on track to achieving your trading goals.

Now go and kick some phenomenal goals!!