Winning Trader's Mindset 

20 April - 15 May 2024

Learn How To Shape Your Trading Mindset Into A Trading Powerhouse!



Early Bird A$550

(Approximately US$ 350)

After 10th April A$ 880


Get The Mindset Techniques Performance Driven Traders Use To Reach Their Full Potential


Learn How to

Cut Your Losses Like A Pro!

Broker statistics still show that letting losses run into the abyss is the main reason the 90% of traders fail. 

But what stops traders from being disciplined? Looping in conflicting EMOTIONS that trigger self-sabotaging behaviors ending up in unnecessary account blow-ups.

Let Your Profits Run And Maximise Your Returns!

If you find it hard to be disciplined & let your profits run no matter what, then something else is more important to your unconscious than reaching your full potential as a trader: Your ego has a secret agenda to keep you and your trading account small. 


Stop Yourself From Going On Tilt Revenge Trading! 

Every trader is faced with heightened emotions, it's how you are able to regulate them in the heat of the moment that makes the difference between trading failure and trading success.

Learn how respond with logic and sticking with your trading plan with discipline, no matter what.

Become an Emotionally & Mentally Fighting Fit Trader! 

Unlock your Mind's Pathway to Experience a New Level of Success! Cultivate Your Results-Driven Trader Self: Learn how to create and reinforce a positive self-image, just like the elite traders.

Picture a reality where each morning you wake up confident, emotionally stable, with a strong wealth mindset, ready to take your trading to the next level, and achieve the success you know you are capable of.

Traders Don't Need To Know What Financial Biases Are, They Need To Know How To Make More Profits!

Understanding the psychological aspects of trading is crucial for trading success. Emotions such as fear, greed, and overconfidence cloud judgment and lead to poor decision-making resulting in unnecessary losses.

In this training, you will  learn how to develop a disciplined mindset to navigate the ups and downs of trading.

This Bootcamp style training takes you on a 4 week journey where you’ll discover how to strengthen and further develop your Winning Trader's Mindset!

This is a hands-on training where I personally coach you during those 4 interactive live webinars helping you to dive deep into eliminating your most common trading mistakes and transforming your mindset into your trading superpower.


This Training Is For You If...

  • You tend to self-sabotage your trading results.
  • You are feeling frustrated because you keep giving back your profits.
  • You feel uncertain how to get to the next level and achieve your trading goals.
  • You are feeling stuck in a rut right now.
  • You know you need a stronger trading mindset but you're not sure how to achieve it.
  • You are a lifelong learner and want to keep improving as a trader and human.
  • You Know You Haven't Reached Your Full Potential Yet!

Learn How Performance-Driven Traders Achieve The Ultimate In Trading Discipline!

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

Discover how to master your emotions and take back your trading discipline which is a pre-requisite for high performance trading! 

This training is a transformational program, where you get the opportunity to actively participate in. You will once and for all be able to pull out all those unconscious mindset blocks that are currently stopping you becoming the trader you know you can be.

By the end of the training, you’ll experience a rock-solid system to harness the power of your mind to improve your results not only in trading, but like a domino effect in all areas of life.


Weekly Online Training Session Dates


(Times and Dates are subject to change)

EU Live Zoom Session at 7AM UK

Session 1: 20 April 7am UK / 8am Frankfurt
= 20 April 4pm AEST 
Session2:  27 April 7am UK / 8am Frankfurt
= 27 April 4pm AEST
Session 3: 4 May 7am UK / 8am Frankfurt
= 4 May 4pm AEST
Session 4: 11 May 7am UK / 8am Frankfurt
= 11 May 4pm AEST
(Times and Dates are subject to change)

US Live Zoom Session at 8PM EST

Session 1: 23 April 8pm EST 
= 24 April 
10am AEST
Session 2: 30 April 8pm EST 
= 1 May 10am AEST
Session 3: 8 May 8pm EST 
= 9 May 10am AEST
Session 4: 14 May 8pm EST 
= 15 May 10 am AEST










Winning Trader's Mindset

Early Bird A$550

Approximately US$ 350

Early Bird Offer Available Until 10 May 2024


 Meet Your Coach - Mandi Rafsendjani

Trading Performance & Mindset Coach and active DAX trader. 

With close to two decades of experience, coaching and mentoring a diverse range of traders from those starting out to traders who are recognized globally, I've identified, developed and refined the hallmark traits and attributes that determines peak trading performance.

I am professionally trained in the areas of life coaching, behavioral finance, trauma informed coaching, and an accredited NLP Master Trainer.


You've got questions. I've got answers.

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