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My Simple Yet Powerful Bollinger Band Strategy

fomo profits success mindset trading mindset tradingpsychology Apr 06, 2024

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Tons of short term traders give back all the profits they worked so hard for. One of the reasons is that they are having too good of a time raking in profits đŸ’ƒđŸ’°đŸ•ē💰 getting drunk on their short lived success because they don't know when to leave the party.đŸĨŗđŸĒŠand end up giving back all their profits and more. 

A simple way I know when it's time for me to leave my party is my simple yet powerful Bollinger Bands Reversal setup.

Chart 1This is the 5 min cash chart of DJIA: Reversal candle outside Bollinger after an Impulse Move that broke a major support and came right back above it. 


Chart 2 is how it unfolded 


Chart 3 confirmed the 5 min setup on the 15 min chart 


 In the video above I go into more detail about how to trade it. This is by the way the only way I use Bollinger Bands! I know there are many uses, but I found this is the one that works for me as a short term trader!



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